How to Make Money with Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse is a company that produces a range of anti-aging and skin care cosmetics, as well as weight loss and nutritional supplements. Since its launch in 2009, the company has expanded greatly. In 2016, Jeunesse made well over $1.4 billion worth of sales in over 120 markets around the world. The products are sold through an international network marketing system.

There are six ways to make money with Jeunesse.

1. Retail profit. Members can sell Jeunesse products in the retail market. In addition members can make 20% and 45% retail profit. The large variance comes down to the type of customer you are selling to. Preferred customers require less work as they can order product online and you still get paid commission. Autoship customers get their products sent monthly without having to place orders. This in turn earns you less money per order but its much less work.

2. First order bonus. Just as it sounds, if you sign up a new customer you earn a bonus commission on their first order. The more they order the more you earn.

3. Team commission. Each Jeunesse product is assigned a CV value. Every time you accumulate a total of 900 CV, with 600 from one team and 300 from the other, you will earn U.S $35 in commission. This bonus can be earned as much as 750 times per week. This will result in a team commission of $26,260.

4. Leadership matching bonus. Once you acquire the rank of ‘Jade Executive’ you will get a monthly bonus of 20% of any commission earned by everyone you have personally enrolled in Jeunesse. This bonus grows as you climb up the ranks.

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive. If you are able to sponsor 5 customers and they can make a purchase in the same month, you get to earn a 5% bonus on whatever they buy.

6. Diamond Bonus Pool. For one to qualify for this, you must reach the rank of ‘Diamond Director’ or higher. This means that you have 10 sponsored customers making purchases every month. Jeunesse will pay out 3% of CV to the diamond pool every quarter.

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